BROOKLYN, a place, a name, an entity so strong that all around the world it creates excitement, and provokes arguable debates of it  being one of the greatest cities in the world.  For the creator behind it, Planet Brooklyn Academy  is a brand fitting to be the Ambassador for the city.  Created not from necessity but rather to express a genuine appreciation for it’s cultural heritage past, present and future.  True to its namesake, the brand will be an institution to providing a fresh perspective on the borough’s image and history through its fashion and creative graphic design to create  a new chapter in Brooklyn’s history locally and globally.

Planet Brooklyn Academy’s vision for it’s fashion is inspired by collegiate essence and influential streetwear culture. Loosely, a mash up of  street smarts meets Ivory league education. It’s classic but fresh, tailored but irreverent. A walking dichotomy of equal parts tradition and the nontraditional, using our vision while taking cues from other creative sources to generate a new twist on streetwear inspired fashion designed around a city.

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