01. The Beginning


  • In 1997 a young Brooklyn (born and raised) man had an idea. He wanted to create a clothing line that truly represented the borough he loved so dearly. Urban fashion was at its peak. There was a plethora of brands out all catering to Hip Hop and the artist who wore them. But yet the young recent college grad from the Fashion Institute of Technology saw a niche that no one was focusing on. Fashion trends change. They come and go. But the pride of a city is something that never dies. It was then in the living room of the founder Rob Norman's studio apartment the concept for Planet Brooklyn was born.
    • Shortly after creating the brand Rob's close friend from college Kevin Sheffield, who happened to be a designer and worked with people such as Russell Simons joined him. Rob's degree being in graphic design coupled with Kevin's fashion design background would be the foundation that would take this living room startup to streetwear stardom.


02. Today and beyond


  • Planet Brooklyn Academy has come a long way. The road was long and hard. But we all know nothing good ever comes easy. Today PBA as a brand has reached many people all around the world. As we like to say "internationally known, universally recognized".


    • Our flagship store located in the heart of Bedstuy has become the definitive location for the best, original and authentic Brooklyn gear anywhere. There's a reason why we're the proclaimed brand ambassadors of the borough.

03. Visit our store

401 Tompkins Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11216
Tues-Fri: 11am-7pm
Sat: 10am-7pm
Sun: 11am-6pm